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Helping you grow a deep and enduring sense of inner happiness, one mindful moment at a time.

You have what it takes to be happy. 

You deserve to be happy.

Not the always positive, look on the bright side type of happiness.

Happiness as a way of "being" that allows you to feel more present and engaged with the things and people that really matter to you.

Happiness that allows you to bounce back from stressful times.

It's easier than you think.

There is no need to wait. Let us show you how.

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But first, is Harvesting Happiness your community?

Our community is made up of people from all across the globe, of different ages, genders and life stages. What ties our community together is what's on the inside, not the outside.

Does this sound like you?

I am ready to challenge the thoughts, beliefs and habits that are making me feel stressed, stuck and small.

I am ready to quieten the external noise and get to know the wise voice that lives within me.

I am ready to act from this place of wisdom.

I am ready to communicate more honestly with myself, my friends and family.

I am ready to stop blaming others for my own unhappiness.

I am ready to believe that I deserve to be happy.

I am ready to take skilful action each day towards a happy life.

Are you ready to choose happiness today?

Yes, I am ready to choose happiness today!

Happy individuals and organisations

Fleur helped me uncover things about my values, beliefs and dreams for the future that had been buried in my subconscious by the sheer business of life.

I am feeling more relaxed, peaceful and accepting of myself and my life.
Thank you Fleur.

Fleur's approach is so authentic and from the heart. She teaches you to be curious about yourself and your life. I always learn something new about myself when I listen to her meditations. Even better, I feel inspired to take these learning into my life.


Fleur's course helped me realise that I am in control of my own happiness. She has taught me lots of practical ways to improve my relationships, feel less stressed and more calm.