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Exciting news......

Fleur Chambers, the Founder of Harvesting Happiness has created a new business called The Happy Habit, an online platform for people who are ready to change the way they approach their happiness.


Visit us here


The Happy Habit is all about growing a deep and enduring experience of inner happiness, regardless of what's going on in your external world.


Essentially, it's a meditation app that makes happiness possible, even amidst your unpredictable and challenging adult life.


It's also a series of online meditation courses for people who are ready to experience inner calm in an ever changing world.


Given these scary and uncertain times, now more than ever we need to be learning exactly how to grow the type of inner happiness that makes us feel calm, strong, optimistic and resilient in changing times.


We need an unwavering centre, so we can support ourselves, our families and our communities.


So please, come on over and together, let's experience the type of happiness that makes the good times feel great, and the set-backs less stressful.



For the next few months, we will still make available our trusted meditation library for your enjoyment. If you have a favourite, please download it before they disappear!