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Are you moving "away from" or "towards" happiness and fulfilment?

Posted By Fleur Chambers  

Welcome to our Happiness Today, Not Tomorrow fortnightly offering for people who are brave and bold and ready to take skilful action each day to break free from “the trance of busy” so that they can enjoy this one precious life.

Yes, that’s you.

You are reading this because you are ready.

This offering includes

  • 1 new guided meditation (10 mins)
  • 1 simple mindfulness practice (1 minute)
  • 1 everyday jewel - a simple idea to transform an ordinary moment into a moment for happiness, fulfillment and wellbeing (1 minute)

These offerings act like a mini-retreat from your busy day, a way to quieten the external noise so you can see yourself and your life more clearly.

From here, you will feel inspired to take skilful action towards happiness and fulfilment and away from busyness and overwhelm.


Today’s Topic: Right now, am I moving away from, or towards happiness and fulfilment?


At any point in your day, you are taking action that will have you either moving “away from” or “towards” what makes you happy.

If for example, your happiness relies on having a close and loving relationship with your partner, and you are in the middle of a “heated discussion”, moving away from your happiness may include saying hurtful things that you will later regret. Moving towards your happiness may include taking a breath and trying to be more understanding, forgiving or empathetic.

Or if your happiness includes spending time in nature and moving your body, a move away from happiness may be wasting your Sunday afternoon scrolling through social media on the couch. A move towards happiness may involve putting on your sneakers and taking a walk in the park.

Happiness is not about big things, it is about creating small moments that are in line with your beliefs, values and goals. As they say in Tibetan culture, if you take care of the minutes, the years take care of themselves.


Today’s Meditation - Freedom Fast (10 minutes)

Listen Here


During this short meditation you will practice the idea of moving towards your own sense of happiness. You will achieve this by “letting go” and “inviting in”. This is a powerful practice that will help you get back on track to greater happiness and purpose, to the life that you want and that you actually deserve.


Today’s Mindful Moment - STOP


When you notice your stress levels rising, pause and commit to this mindful moment known as STOP.

S Stop - stop what you are doing, stop what you are saying

T Take a mindful breath - this means not hurrying through the breath, rather, noticing the inhale and the exhale. You may focus on the temperature, the sound, the feel. Just don’t hurry it.

O - Observe You may like to observe any physical sensations, perhaps any sense of tightness in your body or any experience of relaxation as you focus on your breath. Observe your thoughts or emotions by using this type of language “I am noticing that I am feeling ……or I am noticing that my thoughts are….. This language helps create some space between you and your thoughts or emotions.

P - Proceed - take action that helps you move towards your happiness.


Today’s Ordinary Jewel - Let it land


When you notice yourself involved in something that will move you towards your happiness, (for example, having a laugh with a friend, a walk with your dog or a moment of connection with someone you love) pause, take a deep breath, and allow the moment to land. Really take in the details of the moment, reflecting on why it is special and what this means to you. Noticing how it feels in your body and your heart.

When we linger in these moments, allowing them to seep into the fabric of who we are, we are strengthening our neural pathways for greater happiness and wellbeing. This then makes it easier for us to experience more happiness!


If you have a friend or family member who would like these happiness practices, please forward this offering onto them. They can sign up here.


Time is precious, and I am grateful that you chose to spend this time with me.


With gratitude and warmth,




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