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Do you ever pause and actually listen to your body or your heart?

Posted By Fleur  


Welcome to our Happiness Today, Not Tomorrow fortnightly offering.

These offerings act like a mini-retreat from your busy day, a way to quieten the external noise, a way to come home to yourself and your own wisdom.

Drop by drop we fill our cups. Moment by moment we wake up from the trance of modern day busyness and learn to be more present, grounded and happy.




Today's theme: Listening to your body and your heart


Today's Guided Meditation - Inner Listening - It's feels good! (21 minutes) Listen Here.

When you are stressed, overwhelmed or tired, do you listen to your body and your heart and ask them what they need? Or do you push on through? Perhaps you push through feelings of physical tension, feeling emotionally drained or mentally tired? During this meditation you will be given the opportunity to ask your body and your heart what they need. You may be surprised what they tell you. Are you ready to listen?


Listen Here


Today's Mindfulness Practice - Listen to your body

Today, can you pause, take a few breaths and notice your physical body. Can you notice any aches and pains, places of tightness or tension? (maybe in your tummy, your chest, feet or across your eyes). Maybe you actually notice your body feeling good, or even relaxed?

What does this tell you about how you are feeling in life at the moment?

What message does your body have for you today? (For example, it might be telling you that you need to stretch more, to go back to yoga, to walk with your dog more, or to spend less time at the computer).

What wise action can you take?


Today's everyday jewel - Letting it land

Today when you notice a moment of happiness or pleasure (perhaps a good coffee, a chat with a friend or the sun on your back) can you let this moment land, taking a deep breath and noticing how it feels in your body and your heart. When we rest in moments of pleasure for a little longer than feels "normal" we are strengthening our neural pathways for wellbeing and happiness.

If you know someone who may benefit from this fortnightly offering, who may enjoy a little moment to feel more present, grounded and happy, they can join here.

Together, let's wake up from the trance of modern day busyness and embrace this one precious life.

With respect, gratitude and warmth,

Fleur Chambers

Founder, Harvesting Happiness

As always, you can follow me on facebook or instagram for inspiration for leading a happy, mindful and fulfilling life.


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