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It's time to balance your inbuilt negativity scales my friend

Posted By Fleur Chambers, Founder  

Welcome to our Happiness Today, Not Tomorrow fortnightly offering for people who are brave and bold and ready to take skilful action each day to break free from “the trance of busy” so that they can enjoy this one precious life.

Yes, that’s you. 

You are reading this because you are ready to be more than simply busy.

This offering includes

  • 1 new guided meditation (18 mins)
  • 1 simple mindfulness practice (2 minute)
  • 1 everyday jewel - a simple idea to transform an ordinary moment into a moment for happiness, fulfilment and wellbeing (1 minute)

These offerings act like a mini-retreat from your busy day, a way to quieten the external noise so you can see yourself and your life more clearly. 

From here, you will feel inspired to take skilful and wise action towards happiness and fulfilment and away from busyness and overwhelm.


Today’s Topic - Taking time each day to balance those inbuilt negativity scales


As humans, we have an inbuilt negativity bias. Whilst this is helpful to avoid being eaten by a lion, the downside is that we are constantly hard on ourselves. Too hard on ourselves. We focus on our imperfections and the mistakes we make rather than on all the small acts of goodness we perform each day.

In order to live a happy life, and to feel OK about who you are, you need to take time each day to balance these scales of self-perception. You need to actively make time to remember your innate goodness.


Today’s Meditation - Remembering your innate goodness (18mins)



This is a beautiful meditation that invites you to remember times when you have acted from a place of goodness. From here, you can remember that despite your imperfections, you are basically trying your best each day to be a good person for the benefit of those around you, and the world in which you live.


Today’s Mindful Moment - Let your goodness land

When you do something that reveals your basic goodness, pause, and let it land. Take a deep breath, feel your feet on the ground, offer yourself a smile and allow yourself for that small moment to feel “enough”. Notice how this softens your body, broadens your perspective, and gets you off the hamster wheel of not being enough.



Today’s Ordinary Jewel - bedtime feel goods (it’s not what you think)

Most of us lie in bed at night replaying conversations that didn’t go to plan, ruminating about the mistakes we made or being hard on ourselves for not making it to the end of our unrealistically long “To Do” list. 

So tonight, can you balance the negativity scales by swapping the inner dialogue from criticism to self-praise?

Can you simply recall three things that you did well today, or three things that reveal that at your core, you are a good person. 

Perhaps you took a deep breath before reacting to your kids, maybe you let someone out in traffic.

Did you resist that second glass of wine or piece of cake? 

Did you call you mum, brother and sister and give them your whole-hearted attention for a few moments? 

Perhaps you made it through the washing, made time for a run or a walk in nature?

As you lie in bed focus on these things for a moment, take a deep breath and allow this recognition of goodness to land in your mind, body and heart.

Remember, this is a practice, and it only works if you actually do it.

As always, time is precious and I am grateful that you spent this time with me.



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