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Start your day right and magic will happen

Posted By Fleur Chambers, Founder  

Welcome to our Happiness Today, Not Tomorrow fortnightly offering.

These offerings act like a mini-retreat from your busy day, a way to quieten the external noise, a way to come home to yourself and your own wisdom. Drop by drop we fill our cups. Moment by moment we wake up from the trance of modern day busyness and learn to be more present, grounded and happy.



Today's theme: Beginning your day with awareness and gratitude



Today's Guided Meditation - Super short and sweet morning meditation (13 minutes) - Listen Here
Even as a mindfulness and meditation teacher I can get to the end of the day and wonder.....what happened? Where did the day go? How did I get so sidetracked with things that in the end, are actually not that important to me.

I do notice however, that when I begin my day with a meditation, I tend to have a better day, feeling more calm, focussed and happy. Meditating in the morning reminds me of what's important. It acts like a compass, showing me the direction I want to travel and gently steering me back on course when I have lost my mindful way (#socialmedia #judging others #unnecessarystress).

I hope you enjoy this morning meditation designed to quieten the external noise and remind you of what is important.



Listen Here


Today's Mindfulness Practice - Beginning your day with gratitude

For most of us, we begin our day already feeling one step behind, focussing on all the things we need to get done, on our endless "To Do Lists". But what if you chose to begin your day feeling grateful for the miracle of it all rather than overwhelmed or behind? What if instead of hurrying your coffee, tea or breakfast, busy in thought about the day, or scrolling through social media, you intentionally slowed down, enjoyed your morning routine, perhaps even connected with your family, or enjoyed the warm water that flows from your shower.

Gratitude has the power to transform your awareness. Gratitude relaxes your body, opens your heart, clears your head and ultimately reduces stress and overwhelm.

But here's the thing, it only works if you actually do it! As an idea, it has no power.

So tomorrow when you wake can place your feet on the floor, can you take a few deep breaths, offer yourself a smile, and whisper silently in your mind 3 times "thank you". Notice how even this small act will change your outlook. You may notice your body softening, your thoughts quietening or even a little more love and warmth flowing through you. Where our thoughts go, energy flows, so why not send your energy into a place of thankfulness and appreciation and see what happens.


Today's everyday jewel - Swap expectation for appreciation

Today, can you notice one thing that you normally take for granted. Perhaps it's the warm water that flows from your shower, the cold drink from your fridge, your car starting, your legs walking, even going to the toilet is pretty damn amazing really. And can you take a few deep breaths, and swap this sense of expectation for a sense of gratitude? Wow, that shower feels good. Hey, how clever are my legs? Well done body for digesting all that food! Notice how this feels in your body and in your heart.

If you know someone who may benefit from this fortnightly offering, who may enjoy a little moment to feel more present, grounded and happy, they can join here.


Together, let's wake up from the trance of modern day busyness and embrace this one precious life.


With respect, gratitude and warmth,

Fleur Chambers

Founder, Harvesting Happiness

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