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What does green smile, rusty nails and a slithering snake have in common?

Posted By Fleur Chambers, Founder  

Welcome to our Happiness Today, Not Tomorrow fortnightly offering for people who are brave and bold and ready to take skilful action each day to break free from “the trance of busy” so that they can enjoy this one precious life.


Yes, that’s you.


You are reading this because you are ready to be more than simply busy.


This offering includes


  • 1 new guided meditation (16 mins)
  • 1 simple mindfulness practice (2 minute)
  • 1 everyday jewel - a simple idea to transform an ordinary moment into a moment for happiness, fulfillment and wellbeing (1 minute)


These offerings act like a mini-retreat from your busy day, a way to quieten the external noise so you can see yourself and your life more clearly.


From here, you will feel inspired to take skilful and wise action towards happiness and fulfilment and away from busyness and overwhelm.


Today’s Topic - What does green smile, rusty nails and a slithering snake have in common?


They are all ways people have described how “worry” feels in their body. For others worry can feel like a dull ache, a sharp pain or tension.


We all have worries. Some big worries include concerns for our financial security, questions around finding love, maintaining a relationship or the health and wellbeing of those we love. Other worries are small like “Will I have time to get a coffee before work?”.


Whether big or small, these worries are more than just thoughts in our minds. We feel worry in our bodies and in our hearts. Worries affect our beliefs, the actions we take and ultimately our lives. Worries take us out of the present moment and can lead to feelings of distraction and overwhelm.


What’s more, when we become so accustomed to the habit of worry, we start to think that this is who were are deep down inside. We say to people, “Oh, don’t worry, it’s just me, I am always worrying about something”.

Like all habits, we can break free from the habit of worry. We do this by noticing our worries, what they are about, where they sit in our bodies, how they make us feel. We treat our worries like we would treat a friend, with warm hearted interest and curiosity. We ask the worry if it is really true, if it helps us be the person we want to be deep down inside.


Let’s talk more about how we can interact with our worries in more skilful ways now.


Today’s Meditation - Letting go of worry, Inviting in freedom (16 mins)



Try this gentle meditation that allows you to experience deep relaxation and from here, you are free to let go of a worry you have right now. A powerful meditation for anyone in need of some letting go.


Today’s Mindfulness Moment - Befriending your worry

When we offer our worries a sense of warm hearted curiosity, we are able to understand them in new ways.  When we create some space between ourselves and our worries, the worries feel less powerful and real. Here are some skilful ways to interact with your worries in order to break free from this habit.


1) Begin by simply holding a thought / or a worry in your mind. Say to yourself “I am noticing that I am worrying about…...”.

Or “I am noticing that I am thinking……”.

By using this language we are creating some space between us and our worry.


2) Be curious about where this worry sits in your body, about what it looks like, or feels like. You may for example notice it as a dull ache in the pit of your stomach. Maybe it feels like a sharp pain in your chest. Perhaps you feel it as a heaviness across your eyes or shoulders. Take a few deep breaths into these feeling and be open to them changing.


3) As you continue to create some space between you and the worry ask it these questions.
a) does this worry help me be the person I want to be deep down inside?
b) is this worry moving me away from, or towards what is important to me?
c) does this worry take me out of the present moment?


4) Take a few deep breaths, really focusing on lengthening your exhale. With each outbreath, try and cultivate this feeling of letting go. Letting go of tension in your body. Letting go of this worry. You may like to say to yourself “This is just a worry. Now, I chose to come back to the present moment. I chose to come back to what is real right now”.



Today’s Ordinary Jewel - Receiving the gift


Begin by simply noticing if there is something you are worried about. Perhaps you are thinking a lot about how your child is progressing at school or kindy. Maybe you are thinking about a friendship / relationship of yours that is feeling a little strained. Is there something coming up at work that you are worried about?


Take a few moments to connect with this worry. Noticing how it feels in your body, mind and heart. Then, imagine that this worry is a beautiful boulder sitting by a river. Imagine turning this boulder over and seeing what is underneath. Ask the worry you have what lies underneath.


Hint: this will probably relate to something that is important to you or something that you value.


So this as a gift. This worry has shined the light of awareness onto a little part of you. This worry has enabled you to see what is really important to you. From here, you can focus your energy on allowing this part of you to grow, rather than the worry.


Here is an example for you. Let’s say you are worried about your child. Lift the boulder and see that underneath all this worry is in fact love, a deep love for your child. Focus your awareness and your actions on the love rather than the worry. This will immediately shift your energy.


I hope you have enjoyed this opportunity to befriend you worries and to realise that underneath each worry is a gift for us, a way back to what is important to us. When we tap into this gift, we can act in ways that bring us peace and happiness.


If you have a friend or family member who could benefit from these practices, please forward this email onto them. They can sign up here.


Time is precious, and I am grateful that you chose to spend this time with me.


With gratitude and warmth,




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