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What "I'll be happy when....." stories do you tell yourself?

Posted By Fleur Chambers, Founder  

Welcome to our Happiness Today, Not Tomorrow fortnightly offering for people who are brave and bold and ready to take skilful action each day to break free from busy.

Yes, that's you. You are reading this because you are ready!

This offering includes:

  • one new guided meditation (16 minutes)
  • one simple mindfulness practice (1 minute)
  • one everyday jewel - an idea to transform an ordinary moment into a moment for happiness, fulfilment and wellbeing (1 minute)

These offerings act like a mini-retreat from your busy day, a way to quieten the external noise, a way to come home to yourself and your own wisdom. Drop by drop we fill our cups. Moment by moment we wake up from the trance of modern day busyness and learn to be more present, grounded and happy. 


Today's theme: Getting to know your "I'll be happy when......" stories

So often we tell ourselves "I'll be happy when....."


  • I find love 
  • I secure a new job
  • My bank account looks better
  • I get fit or lose weight
  • My kids grow up

Or maybe they are smaller things

  • When I get through this busy week
  • When the weather gets warmer
  • After I have exercised
  • After I have had a drink
  • When the weekend arrives

Whether our "I'll be happy when" stories are big or small, they all do the same thing. They take us out of the present moment, they take us away from a feeling that right now, right here, I am basically safe, free from harm and OK. 

Sure, my life may not be perfect, but it is OK for me to experience a sense of well-being and peace in this moment.‚Äč When we allow ourselves to feel this way, our inner and outer worlds immediately improve.


Today's Guided Meditation - Happiness Today, Not Tomorrow (16 minutes) Listen Here.


So often we tell ourselves that happiness is just around the corner. During this meditation we shall explore the liberating possibility that happiness is available to us right now, in this very moment. So what are you waiting for?


Listen Here.


Today's Mindfulness Practice - Right now I am safe, I am free from harm

Today, can you pause, take a few breaths and notice that right here, right now, you are safe, you are free from harm. 

Some tips

  • notice the aspects of your environment that make you feel safe (a roof over your head, a door, your possessions, people you love)
  • notice that your own body is working, digesting, breathing, heart beating, all without you needing to do anything
  • notice the sounds in your environment, perhaps the gentle hum of traffic, the wind, children's laughter, your breath or even birds
  • enjoy a few deep breaths and intentionally relax your shoulders, your eyes, your jaw and your tummy
  • offer yourself, and your life a smile, sure it may not be perfect, but right here, right now, it's not so bad after all

Today's everyday jewel - Enjoying one simple moment


During our days we actually have lots of little moments of pleasure, often we are too busy to really pause and notice them. Today, can you commit to noticing one small moment that is pleasurable, and can you rest here for longer than usual, allowing the feeling to land in your body, your mind and your heart.

Some ideas include

  • enjoying a glass of clean water when you are thirsty
  • getting into bed at night
  • a hug from someone you care for
  • a laugh with a friend



If you know someone who may benefit from this fortnightly offering, who may enjoy a little moment to feel more present, grounded and happy, please forward this BLOG on. They can sign up here.


Together, let's wake up from the trance of modern day busyness and embrace this one precious life.


With respect, gratitude and warmth,

Fleur Chambers

Founder, Harvesting Happiness


As always, you can follow me on facebook or instagram for inspiration for leading a happy, mindful and fulfilling life.


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