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I help people see themselves and their lives more clearly so that they can feel inspired to take skilful action in the direction of their dreams.

Fleur Chambers


Fleur's offerings encourage a sense of curiosity, compassion, creativity and confidence to grow within you. They will leave you feeling aware, awake and inspired to embrace both the joys and the challenges of this one precious life.

Fleur is a certified Mindfulness and Meditation teacher and a member of Meditation Australia. She holds a Masters Degree in Professional Education and Community Development. Her courses, events, online offerings and guided meditations draw upon over 15 years professional experience, a lifetime of curiosity and reflection and a genuine desire to support people in developing a deep and enduring sense of happiness and well-being through mindfulness, meditation, mindset and skilful action. Not the "positive affirmations" or "always look on the bright side" type of happiness. A type of happiness that is practical and enduring. A way of being that enables you to be present, accepting and resilient to the rainbow of experiences that is modern life, even the bits you didn't plan, or particularly want.

Fleur's style is nurturing yet practical, evidence-based and shaped by her professional and personal experience. Fleur creates safe spaces for people to be curious about themselves and their lives. She helps people quieten the external noise, to look within, to get clear on their values, purpose and beliefs. She supports people to let go of limiting beliefs and habitual reactions that make people feel stuck, stressed and small.  Her work acknowledges the deep connection between mind, body and heart. 

Fleur has developed her own unique framework C.A.L.M. that enables people to easily weave mindful moments into their days without any extra time. This framework allows fleeting moments of happiness to transform into a more deeply felt sense of well-being, resilience and fulfilment that you can carry with you for a lifetime.

Fleur is a wife and mother of three boys. Read more below about her own personal and professional journey with mindfulness and meditation, and how mindfulness can help you and those around you lead a happier life. 

This is my story

Even since I was a little girl I was a worrier. I remember writing a "To Do" list when I was about 7 that read "do exercise so I don't die young". Mmmmmmm.

Over the years this sense of worry (AKA anxiety) manifest itself in all different ways, in me shying away from opportunities and missing moments of happiness and joy because I was too busy worrying. It wasn't until I had three small children and my worry reached epic levels, that I decided I really needed to do something about it, for the benefit of myself and my family. It was one thing to live small myself, but I didn't want my kids living small because of me. 


Mindfulness benefits all areas of my life, my work, my relationships and the way I interacted with myself and the world around me. 

Over the years, the critical voice within began to soften, giving rise to a sense of being on my own side. I forgave myself when I made mistakes, I was able to bounce back from life's set backs more quickly. I spent less time in my own head, trapped by limiting beliefs and self-critical stories and more time engaged in life.

Curiosity. Compassion. Courage. Connection.

These are the values that guide me.

Drop by drop we fill our cup. Moment by moment we learn to befriend ourselves and our experiences.

As my kids grow, my business expands and I connect with people all around the world, my mindfulness practice is like a constant and loyal companion, ready and willing to support me, providing guidance and direction. I feel more compassionate, open and grateful. I feel more creative and inspired to live with meaning and purpose. I feel more confident and courageous to open my heart and embrace this one previous life, even the parts I didn't plan or particularly want. 

Over the years, a commitment to a series of mindful moments each day has transformed Fleur's life into one with greater awareness, choice, freedom, joy, gratitude, laughter, wonder and ultimately, happiness. A life with less guilt, worry and self-criticism. A life with more confidence and creativity. With this, comes a space for endless opportunities and freedom. 

Fleur's has helped 100,000's people across the world quieten the external noise and connect with their inner wisdom and sense of knowing. Her guided meditations were listened to 250,000 times in 2018, her online and face to face courses supported 1,000's of people to grow a deep and enduring sense of inner happiness and fulfilment.

Fleur has been described as gentle, authentic, kind, open-hearted, down-to-earth and funny. Read more about how Fleur has helped people learn to like themselves, and their lives through mindfulness and meditation.