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These are the values that guide me. 

Fleur Chambers, Founder


Fleur Chambers


Fleur is a certified Mindfulness and Meditation teacher and a member of Meditation Australia. She holds a Masters Degree in Professional Education and Community Development. 

Fleur is passionate about supporting individuals to grow a deep and enduring sense of inner happiness and well-being. She believes that happiness is not a destination we arrive at some day when X, Y or  Z happens. Happiness rather, is an internal state that we can learn to cultivate with guidance, practice and intent. Each one of us has the seeds of happiness already planted within, sometimes we just need a little support in helping these seeds grow into flowers and fruits. Fleur helps people think creatively about what makes them happy, and about how to change fleeting moments of happiness into a more deeply felt sense of well-being, resilience and happiness. In this way we become like trees with strong roots, able to move with freedom, ease and grace when the winds of change blow through our lives.

Fleur's style is nurturing yet practical, evidence-based and shaped by her professional and personal experience. Fleur creates safe spaces for people to quieten the external noise, to look within, to get clear on their values, purpose and beliefs.  Her work acknowledges the deep connection between mind, body and heart. Her carefully crafted guided meditations are used to encourages these connections.  

Fleur is a wife and mother of three boys. Read more below about her own personal and professional journey with mindfulness and meditation, and how mindfulness can help you and your family lead a happier life with more calm, connection, compassion, gratitude, forgiveness, perspective, patience and humour.

"I believe that mindfulness is the gateway to a life with more awareness, choice, freedom, creativity, joy, wonder and awe." 

 I first began practicing mindfulness when I had a baby and two toddlers. I was tired, overwhelmed and anxious. My thoughts had a life of their own. They were often focused on the past, replaying previous parenting situations wondering how they could have played out differently. Or my thoughts were focussed on the future, and the endless planning and co-ordinating that went along with having three kids under 3. The tone of my thoughts was cautionary and self-critical.

During this time what I also noticed was that I had a heightened sense of fear for my children's safety, and I was seeing life as one giant hazard to be avoided rather than as a series of joys to be shared. I now understand this as a normal response to stress and overwhelm,  but at the time these threats seems very real. I was also experiencing big and often contradictory emotions, for example joy, love, guilt and fear. These emotions felt overwhelming. Amidst all this was a deep sense of loneliness, even though I was never alone! And so from here, my mindful journey began.

I started my mindfulness journey by engaging my senses, simple mindful moments like smelling the top of my toddler's head, noticing the features on my children's faces change as they expressed themselves. I paid attention to the temperature and feel of their little hand in mine, I felt their warm sweet breath on my face when we cuddled. These mindful moments provided a certain calm, I could feel myself relax as I got out of my busy thinking mind and into my body and my heart. I would take a deep breath and allow these moments to land within my body and my heart. So simple yet so powerful.

Sometimes when the house was messy I would turn the music up loud and dance. Sensing my freedom, my kids would dance also. I remember taking delight in watching my kids experiment with moving their bodies in different ways and with noticing their care free attitude.  I allowed myself a few breaths to let these experiences really sink in.




With time, a commitment to these mindful moments also created a space for greater compassion and connection both within me, my family and community. The critical voice within began to soften, giving rise to a sense of being on my own side. Drop by drop we fill our cup. Step by step we learn to befriend ourselves and our experiences.

As my kids grow, mindfulness helps me to talk with my children skilfully about emotions, their worries, fears and regrets. It allows me to feel great compassion and empathy, and reminds me each day that the best gift I can give my kids is the gift of presence.

My mindfulness practice continues to evolve, as do I as a mother and a woman. I enjoy the creativity, freedom and choice that mindfulness practice offers me and my family. More acceptance, more freedom, less pressure! Don't we all want that?

Over the years, a commitment to a series of mindful moments each day has transformed Fleur's life into one with greater awareness, choice, freedom, joy, gratitude, laughter, wonder and ultimately, happiness. A life with less guilt, less ruminating and less worry. With this, comes a space for endless opportunities and freedom. 


Fleur has over fifteen years experience in learning and development and professional education in both the corporate and community sectors. She has written and facilitated a wide variety of courses. These have focused on leadership, supervision, cultivating inner resources and aligning work practices with values.

She has worked on several management committees in the not-for-profit sector, where her focus has been on reviewing strategic directions, developing learning cultures, enhancing community engagement and supporting cultures of reflective practice. She has always had a passion for creating work environments where people can reflect, question and learn as a way of enhancing their well-being and happiness. Attitudes of mindfulness have been present in Fleur's work in all these professional settings. 

Fleur understands that all mothers have different challenges, desires and life experiences. She believes however, that deep down, we all want to mother from a place of love and connection, and to feel present to the rainbow of experiences that is motherhood. Her courses and events are designed to give you the confidence and space to tap into what is already there, your personal and maternal wisdom.