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Harvest your Happiness

A 4 week program for brave women ready to take responsibility for their own inner happiness today

Are you looking for your happiness in all the wrong places?

Do you tell yourself you will be happy when

  • You reach a certain point in your career
  •  You are less busy or tired


  • You find love or your relationship improves
  • You purchase a place to live
  • You lose weight or get fit
  • You go on holiday
  • Your kids reach a certain age
  • The people in your life are happy

Happiness doesn't come from our external world. We need to learn to grow our own deep and enduring happiness from the inside out.

Ready to harvest your own happiness? Places are limited to 13 so secure your place here now.

Regardless of what is going on in your life, happiness is available to you right here, right now with the right attention and intention.

Over 4 weeks you will grow a deep and enduring sense of happiness you can carry with you for a lifetime.

Not the "positive instagram quotes" type of happiness. The type of happiness that allows you to bounce from life's challenges and to feel resilient and centred even amidst the busyness of everyday life. The type of happiness that helps you to feel present and grateful for the things and the people that light you up.

At the end of this 4 week course you will

  • Know what makes you happy and how to seek out more of these experiences
  • Take time each day for the things and the people that light you up (guilt free)
  • Say "no" to the activities and habits that are keeping you stuck, distracted, stressed and overwhelmed 
  • Break free from the limiting beliefs that are getting in the way of your happiness
  • Live a life in line with your values
  • Let go of guilt, people pleasing, perfectionism and comparison

This course is a unique combination of teaching, practice, group discussion and guided meditation. It incorporates ideas from the fields of positive psychology, neuroscience, the science of happiness and the law of attraction.

Happiness is different for everyone that's why this is not a one size fits all program

This course gives you the freedom to explore what makes you happy and the confidence to bring more of this into your life.

What you get

  • Evidence based, interactive teaching
  • Science of happiness tools and practices
  • Guided meditations in class and for home
  • Practical strategies to take into your daily life
  • Small group discussion and connection with other women
  • A detailed workbook
  • Time out from your normal routine so you can shift your perception

This course is perfect for you if

  • You are ready to make an honest assessment of your beliefs and habits and to let go of those that do not serve you (even if it feels a little strange or scary)
  • You are ready to trust your own wisdom and take action from this place
  • You are willing to be brave in the face of change and take responsibility for your life
  • You are open to interacting with yourself, others and the world around you in new ways
  • You are excited to share this experience with 12 other women who are committed to inner happiness

This course is not for you if

  • A part of you actually likes feeling stressed, busy, overwhelmed or constantly one step ahead or behind
  • A part of you likes complaining about how busy you are
  • You like to blame others or "life" for where you are at
  • You are not ready to let go of old and limiting beliefs and habits
  • You are not ready to trust the wisdom that lives within you
  • You are not ready to be courageous and take action each day towards the life you desire

(Please note that whilst these educational sessions may help with stress and anxiety, they are not psychological or therapeutic treatment. If you are concerned about your psychological health, please contact your GP for support.)

Fleur has a unique ability to help you shift your perception, to see yourself and your life in new and liberating ways. She plants seeds within you that over the 4 weeks will grow into a deep and enduring sense of inner happiness. Her warm hearted approach allows women to be honest with themselves and to feel inspired to take wise action. 

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Cost: $275
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Got questions? email Fleur, she is happy to help. 

Meet Fleur

Fleur is the Founder of Harvesting Happiness. Fleur has helped 1,000 of people around the world grow a deep and enduring sense of inner happiness through awareness, mindfulness and meditation.