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Teaching you how to like yourself and your life, so that you may live more fully

Happiness is available to you right here, right now

All you need to do is commit to a few brief mindful moments each day and before long, you will begin to experience a greater sense of happiness, well-being and fulfilment.


At Harvesting Happiness, we help you seek out mindful moments, enjoy them, and let them sink into the fabric of who you are.


In this way, fleeting moments of happiness transform into a deep felt sense of well-being, fulfilment and resilience that you can carry with you for a lifetime.

But first, let's get clear about what we mean by happiness, well-being and fulfilment

For us, happiness isn't the "positive affirmations" "always look on the bright side" approach to life.

We see happiness as a way of "being" that allows you to experience less stress, distraction, overwhelm and blame and more love, gratitude, perspective, forgiveness and acceptance.

The type of happiness that allows you to bounce back from stressful times, to respond more skilfully to life's setbacks and to really be present for the moments of joy, love and connection.

What would your life look and feel like if you could respond to the ups and the downs with a relaxed body, a clear head and an open heart?


Our Offerings for Everyone

Our Difference: Our courses and events are a wonderful mix of deep rest and relaxation whilst also offering lots of practical strategies for leading a happier life. You will leave these sessions with a sense of energy, enthusiasm and curiosity, ready to interact with yourself and your life in new and exciting ways.

In our face to face courses we never have more than 12 participants, so you feel comfortable to share and connect.

In our online learning environments, Fleur is ready and willing to provide you any support you need. She makes it a priority to engage with her online classrooms so you feel supported.

Monthly Mindfulness and Meditation Class
Online Courses and Challenges
Our Free Guided Meditations

Our Offerings for Mums

Our Difference: Unlike many mindfulness courses within the community, ours were developed by a mother, especially for mothers. These are not a parenting classes, nor a mothers group or a women's circle. They are practical yet compassionate mindfulness courses that addresses the challenges of being a "present" mother in these busy times in which we live. They offer mothers an opportunity to quieten their minds, learn about themselves and to develop practices that will enable them to be the mother they want to be. Mums will feel empowered to tap into their personal wisdom and to think creatively about developing their own individual mindfulness practices. This approach ensures that after the course, mums will be able to weave mindfulness practices into their busy, often unpredictable, daily lives.

Online Course for Mothers
Face to Face Courses for Mothers
Free guided meditations for mothers
Special offerings for our existing mothers

Curiosity. Compassion. Connection. Courage.

These are the four values that underpin Fleur's personal and professional philosophy. These values shape the way she lives her life, raises her children, supports her family, interacts with her community, shapes her business, develops her courses and offerings and facilitates learning environments for her students.

Fleur looks forward to supporting you on getting clear on your values, and how you can take small steps each day to bring these to life, ensuring your life is happy and fulfilling.

Our Commitment

As part of our commitment to growing happy, vibrant and fulfilled communities, each year we support a variety of micro projects across Asia and Africa with a particular focus on empowering women to develop the skills and means to provide for their families and help build their communities. So next time you attend one of our courses or events, you are helping mothers, children and communities around the world. We call this compassion and connection in action!