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Welcome to our FREE guided meditation library.

Our meditations have been listened to over 500,000 times around the world.

As part of our commitment to building mindful communities, Harvesting Happiness presents here a totally free, no strings attached meditation library with over 45 free guided meditations. Listen, enjoy, do your thing.





    "Peaceful and liberating. It feels so powerful to cultivate a greater sense of presence and kindness towards myself. A big thank you."

    "Fleur's meditations are gentle and they inspire a sense of curiosity within me. I love that she says it's OK to think in meditation, as that allows me to enjoy the experience and not think I am doing it wrong! Thanks Fleur"

    "Fleur's meditations make me feel calm and I always learn something about myself or my life. They inspire me."

    "Fleur's approach to meditation is different and I like it. She encourages you to reflect on your life and what is important to you. They are much more than just relaxation."

    "Fleur's meditations allow be to feel more accepting towards myself and my life"

    "Fleur's meditations are so gentle that they make me feel safe to explore my heart".