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Taking time to nurture your own development isn't selfish.  The well-being of mothers impacts the well-being of children and families in powerful and far reaching ways. We cannot pour from an empty cup.

Mindfulness for Mothers: A 4-week course designed to help you thrive amidst the busyness of modern day life

I know you want to feel less busy, distracted and overwhelmed. I know you want to feel more calm and patient in stressful situations, more forgiving of yourself when you make mistakes. You want to feel closer to those you love, and more grateful for the life that is yours right now. I'm guessing that often the busyness of life and the unpredictable nature of family life makes these things feel just out of your reach. And does this then lead to feelings of guilt, frustration and maybe even shame? Does this leave you wondering if you are a good mother?

We hear you. You are not alone. At Harvesting Happiness, we are committed to helping you connect to a state of mind, body and heart that enables you to feel and experience all these things. Hello happiness, goodbye mother's guilt.

Regardless of your life circumstances, family make-up or the age of your children, bringing a mindful attitude to your role as a mother (and a woman) will have huge benefits for you and your family. Join us for a nurturing yet deeply practical 4 week mindfulness course designed to address the challenges of being a present mum in this busy world of ours.

Our Difference

This course is written and delivered by a mother, especially for mothers. It takes into consideration the busy and unpredictable nature of family life. We never have more than 10 women in our group so mums can share, learn and grow in a safe and nurturing environment. Fleur only runs one of these courses at a time so she is totally committed to each group, remembering everyone's stories, offering individual strategies and being available between classes to discuss any reflections or questions.

Each participant will receive a comprehensive workbook with everything you need to be a mindful mum and woman. All practices are based on the latest research in positive psychology and neuroscience. Participants will be able to refer to this book for years to come. 

Our guiding beliefs

We have developed this program around our strong belief that all mothers have an innate maternal wisdom, that if nurtured, can transform motherhood into a more peaceful and joyful experience. Often this inner wisdom, or voice, is drowned out by the busyness of life, societal demands, technology, the pressure to succeed as a mother, and too much parenting information.  This 4-week program offers mothers an opportunity to quieten their mind and connect with this inner maternal wisdom. By tapping into this voice, mothers are given the opportunity to learn about themselves, to get clear about their values, and to grow and develop insight into the ways they can parent with more confidence, freedom and creativity.

Teaching methods and course content

This is not a one size fits all program! This program acknowledges that whilst all mothers are busy, your day-to-day stressors are unique, as are your values and hopes for both you and your family. This program is designed to meet these unique needs and desires by offering you a variety of tools, techniques and approaches to take into your busy lives. During the course you will be given many opportunities to practice and reflect upon a variety of mindful techniques as a way of building your own personal and sustainable mindfulness practice. You will work out what suits you right now, and also be given the confidence to alter your mindfulness practices as you and your family grow and change. 

People often ask "What's the best form of mindfulness practice?" I respond, "Any practice that fits into your lifestyle and is sustainable. Flexibility and creativity are key to establishing and maintaining your practice".

Mindfulness practice is then used as a gateway to developing inner resources such as self-compassion, gratitude, kindness, calm, connection, compassion, perspective and patience. We will spend time exploring ways you can tame your inner critic and be more kind and friendly towards yourself. These skills and qualities can be nurtured over the years and help contribute to a family life with more joy, laughter, connection, wonder and compassion. Isn't that an amazing start to give your children in life?

Week One: Understanding mindfulness and meditation in the context of motherhood
Week Two: Motherhood and stress, understanding your triggers and learning to respond rather than react. Mindfulness of emotions and getting clear on your values. 
Week Three: Cultivating self compassion and connection, exploring how these inner resources increase well-being and happiness
Week Four: Growing gratitude within you and your family. During this final session we will also explore ways you may bring mindfulness into your family life. 

Each class will include:

  • Evidence based, interactive teaching in a safe and nurturing environment
  • A series of guided meditations designed especially for this course, focussing on opening your mind, body and heart to your experience as a woman and a mother
  • Mindfulness activities tailored to your needs
  • Whole group discussion, small group activities, journalling, reflection
  • Weekly email support and access to over 45 relevant guided meditations for you, your kids and your family.

(Please note that whilst these educational sessions may help with stress and anxiety, they are not psychological or therapeutic treatment. If you are concerned about your psychological health, please contact your GP for support.)

Our May Course at the lovely Madam Heap, Middle Park

Location:  Madam Heap, 106 Canterbury Road, Middle Park
Dates and Times: 7pm - 9pm every  Wednesday for 4 weeks commencing Wednesday 15th May
Cost: $275
Please note, these courses are limited to 10 people to ensure a learning environment where everyone feels safe to share and contribute. Places fill quickly so if this opportunity interests you, don't delay.
To book: Click here

For information relating to the course or to register your interest
please email:

Our Difference

As part of our commitment to building community connection and a sense of global compassion, we support  micro projects across Asia and Africa with a particular focus on empowering women to develop the skills and means to provide for their families. So next time you attend one of our courses, you are helping mothers and children around the world. We call this compassion and connection in action!

We are commitment to small and intimate groups, with never more than 12 in our classes. These small groups allow you to learn and reflect, to share and grow in a safe environment. We only offer one of these courses at a time so Fleur is committed to supporting you.

What mums are saying

"I can highly recommend the Mindfulness for Mums course facilitated by Fleur. She draws upon extensive knowledge and training that really strengthens and validates her authenticity – and it’s evident how passionate she is about supporting other mums and families in their pursuit to lead happier, calmer and more mindful lives. I found her warmth, compassion and humour very infectious; likewise I loved the safe space she created for our group to share our experiences and be honest with one another - I’d forgotten how important it is as women to support each other in our daily triumphs and struggles as mothers." 

Not only did I learn a lot more about myself during the course, but I also uncovered lots of other things about my values, beliefs and dreams for the future that had been buried in my subconscious by the sheer business of life. Thanks to Fleur I now feel that I am well on my way to leading a more harmonious and balanced life for myself and my children." Lisa

"Fleur is an absolutely committed, kind and compassionate person, dedicated to helping people navigate being more mindful in everyday life. Her course Mindfulness for Mums, was so beautifully put together - extensive material, exercises, meditations, mindful eating, and a beautiful trusting communication that developed between all the mothers who attended over the four weeks. A great experience! Don't hesitate, enrol in one of her courses, you wont be disappointed." Emily

"Mindfulness for Mums is an amazing opportunity to learn about mindfulness and meditation in both theory and practice. The course is designed with so much care and facilitated with a gentle passion by Fleur who understands the challenges of motherhood. It’s definitely given me a better understanding of myself and some tools I can introduce to my little ones. And the free meditations on the website are a fabulous support to the program. Very glad I made the time for this course! Thanks Fleur!" Claire

"Being new to understanding mindfulness, meditation and its benefits, I found Fleur’s course welcoming, approachable and extremely valuable. Her ideas to help you adapt a more mindful approach are really tangible and realistic for the busy mothers she teaches. There was a variety of techniques to choose from so you leave with a good sense of what helps you and your family best. The others attending were a great group of good humoured and encouraging mothers who were fun to learn alongside. Everyone seemed to experience the benefits of insights gleaned from the class from the very first week! The meditations were blissful in the beautiful space and I highly recommend the whole experience." Kate