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Monthly Mindfulness & Meditation Class :
take a break from the busyness of life

"Sometimes an hour is all you need to find your centre, cultivate calm and fill you with a little inspiration. That's what these classes are all about." Fleur Chambers

Take a break from the busyness of daily life and come and join us at our monthly mindfulness and meditation class, designed to help you relax, fill your cup and develop practical strategies for leading and more mindful and happy life. All levels of experience welcome.

The Monthly Mindfulness Series may appeal to you if:
•You want to have mindfulness and meditation as a more regular part of your life
• You are a beginner wanting some formal guidance
• You are an experienced meditator looking for community connection or inspiration
• You have practiced mindfulness in the past and enjoyed it
• You are in need of deep rest and relaxation
• You are interested in looking within in a safe and nurturing environment
• You are interested in taking positive steps towards leading a happier more connected life

Come and join me on the last Sunday of each month. Through mindful awareness, meditation and reflection you will come home to yourself, to that quiet and peaceful place within. These monthly classes offer a special balance between stillness, self-discovery and practical tools you can implement into your life as a way of growing a deep and enduring sense of presence, happiness and fulfilment.  

Think mindfulness and meditation combined with mindset and motivation - it's a winning combination!

All classes are held at the lovely Madam Heap, the School of Mindful Living in Middle Park.

Price: $30
Dates and Times:
Sunday 28th July, 10am - 11am
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Sunday 25th August, 10am - 11am
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Sunday 29th September, 10am - 11am
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Sunday 27th October, 10am - 11am
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Sunday 24th November, 10am - 11am
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Create your own event

If you are an organisation or community group looking for a mindful event, Harvesting Happiness can create an event specific to your needs. These events include meditation, mindfulness and the cultivating of inner resources such as calm, connection, compassion, gratitude and creativity. Please email us to chat further.


"As a big believer in all things mindfulness I was keen to attend and learn more at the monthly series that harvesting happiness just started. As a busy working mum it feels too much to commit to a course, but to slice out a 2hr chunk on a weekend is doable. Fleur brings a fresh perspective to the subjects that she is talking about and always creates a warm open environment where people can openly share their thoughts and views. I have walked away from both sessions with a slightly altered view on the world, and some practical tips to bring some changes into my daily life". Kirsten