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Online Course: Modern Mindfulness for Mothers

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650 mothers around the world have learnt to fill their cup and take care of themselves during their biggest journey of all.......motherhood. Come join us......

Do you like the idea of being a more mindful mum but are unable to come along to one of our face-to- face courses? This online course is just what you need, an opportunity to cultivate mindfulness at your own pace, at a time that suits you and your family, from the comfort of your home. Complete the course over 10 days, or ten weeks, it's up to you.

Modern Mindfulness for Mothers is a ten part online meditation experience designed to provide a little refuge and calm to you, the busy mum.  Regardless of your family composition, life circumstances or the age of your children, this series offers you an opportunity to quieten your mind and tap into your maternal wisdom. During this series you will gain access to a state of mind, body and heart that will enable you to parent in more calm, confident and joyful ways. Through mindfulness and the cultivation of gratitude, compassion and connection, you will learn how to be present to both the joys and challenges of motherhood.

This course consists of 10, 15 minute guided meditations and the opportunity to communicate with Fleur Chambers, Founder of Harvesting Happiness a private online community of mothers who are also taking the course.

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Course Outline

Given that most mothers are tired and experiencing stress in some way, this course begins by offering opportunities for deep rest and relaxation. It then focuses on developing an awareness and curiosity towards breath, how it can be used to calm down the nervous system, to let go and to center oneself in stressful situations. From here we will focus on activating the senses as a way of becoming present and mindful both with ourselves and our children. The series will then move to an exploration of thoughts and how they impact your sense of well-being. In particular, we will look at taming your inner critic.

The second half of this mindfulness series will focus on cultivating inner resources such as gratitude, connection and compassion as a way of enhancing your well-being and resilience as a mother. Throughout this meditation series you will be given many opportunities to think about how to bring these practices into your daily life. In this way, you are able to continue to explore what being a mindful mother means to you long after this meditation experience is complete. 

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What mothers around the world are saying....

"I found this course so reassuring and inspiring, a gentle compassionate way to find peace and to reconnect with myself and those I love. It has made me feel so much more grateful for all the ups and downs that are motherhood. Thank you Fleur."

"Amazing course, suitable for mothers with children of any age. No judgement, just warmth and compassion. I honestly didn't want it to end."

"I really enjoyed this course. It helped me to reframe some of the struggles I've had as a new parent without judgement and shame. A big thank you Fleur"

"This course has helped me tremendously. Thank you for making me realise my value and to love myself more".

"This course was a game changer for me and my approach to parenting and self-care. Thank you, Fleur, for offering such a wise and compassionate course for all the mums out there."

"That was a lovely and moving experience. I am going to hug all the people in my house."

"Beautiful voice, beautiful words and a sincere heart, thank you."