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In 2018 we received more than 20,000 positive reviews from people all over the world

Reviews from Mums

Face to Face courses

"I can highly recommend the Mindfulness for Mums course facilitated by Fleur. She draws upon extensive knowledge and training that really strengthens and validates her authenticity – and it’s evident how passionate she is about supporting other mums and families in their pursuit to lead happier, calmer and more mindful lives. I found her warmth, compassion and humour very infectious; likewise I loved the safe space she created for our group to share our experiences and be honest with one another - I’d forgotten how important it is as women to support each other in our daily triumphs and struggles as mothers." 

Not only did I learn a lot more about myself during the course, but I also uncovered lots of other things about my values, beliefs and dreams for the future that had been buried in my subconscious by the sheer business of life. Thanks to Fleur I now feel that I am well on my way to leading a more harmonious and balanced life for myself and my children." Lisa

"Fleur is an absolutely committed, kind and compassionate person, dedicated to helping people navigate being more mindful in everyday life. Her course Mindfulness for Mums, was so beautifully put together - extensive material, exercises, meditations, mindful eating, and a beautiful trusting communication that developed between all the mothers who attended over the four weeks. A great experience! Don't hesitate, enrol in one of her courses, you wont be disappointed." Emily

"Being new to understanding mindfulness, meditation and its benefits, I found Fleur’s course welcoming, approachable and extremely valuable. Her ideas to help you adapt a more mindful approach are really tangible and realistic for the busy mothers she teaches. There was a variety of techniques to choose from so you leave with a good sense of what helps you and your family best. The others attending were a great group of good humoured and encouraging mothers who were fun to learn alongside. Everyone seemed to experience the benefits of insights gleaned from the class from the very first week! The meditations were blissful in the beautiful space and I highly recommend the whole experience." Kate

"Mindfulness for Mums is an amazing opportunity to learn about mindfulness and meditation in both theory and practice. The course is designed with so much care and facilitated with a gentle passion by Fleur who understands the challenges of motherhood. It’s definitely given me a better understanding of myself and some tools I can introduce to my little ones. And the free meditations on the website are a fabulous support to the program. Very glad I made the time for this course!" Thanks Fleur! Claire

Online Course

"I found this course so reassuring and inspiring, a gentle compassionate way to find peace and to reconnect with myself and those I love. It has made me feel so much more grateful for all the ups and downs that are motherhood. Thank you Fleur."

"Amazing course, suitable for mothers with children of any age. No judgement, just warmth and compassion. I honestly didn't want it to end."

"I really enjoyed this course. It helped me to reframe some of the struggles I've had as a new parent without judgement and shame. A big thank you Fleur"

"This course has helped me tremendously. Thank you for making me realise my value and to love myself more".

"This course was a game changer for me and my approach to parenting and self-care. Thank you, Fleur, for offering such a wise and compassionate course for all the mums out there."

"That was a lovely and moving experience. I am going to hug all the people in my house."

"Beautiful voice, beautiful words and a sincere heart, thank you."

Reviews from everyone

Guided Meditations

"I have just listened to your morning meditation whilst walking my dog. Thank you so much for lifting my day and helping me see and fully experience my beautiful surroundings. I am filled with peace and gratitude".

"Fleur's meditations always allow me to learn something new about myself."

"Your sleep meditations are so relaxing and wonderful to follow. I was in a deep sleep all night, the first night in a long time. Thank you Fleur"

"A profound experience, bringing the movement of the breath into the body and the heart. Fleur's kindness and gentle approach allows you to really relax and find peace."

"Fleur's meditations are so accessible, she reassures you that you are on the right track and that whatever your experience is, that it's OK."

"Peaceful and liberating. It feels so powerful to cultivate a greater sense of presence and kindness towards myself. A big thank you."

"Fleur's meditations are gentle and they inspire a sense of curiosity within me. I love that she says it's OK to think in meditation, as that allows me to enjoy the experience and not think I am doing it wrong! Thanks Fleur"

"Fleur's meditations make me feel calm and I always learn something about myself or my life. They inspire me."

"Fleur's approach to meditation is different and I like it. She encourages you to reflect on your life and what is important to you. They are much more than just relaxation."

"Fleur's meditations allow be to feel more accepting towards myself and my life"

"Fleur's meditations are so gentle that they make me feel safe to explore my heart".

Monthly Mindfulness and Meditation Events

"As a big believer in all things mindfulness I was keen to attend and learn more at the monthly series that harvesting happiness just started. As a busy working mum it feels too much to commit to a course, but to slice out an hour on a weekend is doable. Fleur brings a fresh perspective to the subjects that she is talking about and always creates a warm open environment where people can openly share their thoughts and views. I have walked away from both sessions with a slightly altered view on the world, and some practical tips to bring some changes into my daily life". Kirsten

Reviews from kids

"I go to sleep every night listening to Fleur's meditations. They make me feel all warm and relaxed".

"I love lying with my mum or dad in bed and listening to Fleur's meditations"